21 July 2014


First post using a lamptop, no...laptop.
The flat keys take getting use to, mostly how far the fingers have to stretch for the outer keys.
Otherwise, I'm taken by surprise its easier than a regular keyboard to type on.
I made a few adjustments without crying or cursing. Speaking of curse...the cursor and I are still learning about each other. Wow! Only two tries to post a photo. I feel like a tech genius.

I'll learn how to format the text to always be placed beside the photo. sigh
I'm feeling more confident. I bought this months ago. The CPU began acting up a bit gives me the incentive to learn how to use this laptop. Learn slow. I just wish the backspace key was closer.


  1. First Maywyn - is this painting one of yours? - It is awesome - love the geometric shapes with all those beautiful colors. You are going to love your laptop - I know I do mine...just takes time to get used to it but fun to be able to move from room to room or even outdoors. Have a great day.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Yes, that's a drawing from last year.
      Each time I use the laptop, I feel more comfortable learning another small part of how it works. I expect during the cold months with a cup of hot soup by my side, sitting in my favorite wing back chair, the laptop will feel wonderful.

  2. omg! i didn't think there were any laptop virgins still out there..
    my mom has graduated to an ipad now..
    good for you.. bye bye cpu!

    1. Hello Hena,
      What's an ipad? lol It will be a while before I have the courage to use one of those.
      I'm keeping the CPU. Its handy when I get stuck on the laptop, all I have to do is use it to search the Internet for an answer.


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