30 July 2014

The Sunflower Isn't Lonely

Update on the previous post with photograph of a lone sunflower. The bloom is actually two plants that look quite lovely together in a sort of construction site textured way.
As of late, there are a lot of blooms I've missed as the days go by. And so it goes by quickly, the summer. The Autumn Equinox is 23 September 2014 in this Northern Hemisphere. That makes the last day of summer the 22nd of September, less than two months away. The beginning of July, the feeling for summer being here was behind schedule. I now want to go back and start July all over again every time I see a depressing back to school sale banner. Winter takes too long, and summer isn't long enough. Isn't that an indication for the group/herd to move with the warm weather or is it our ancient hearts remembering migrating like birds? Maybe.

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