23 July 2014

The Song Bird & the Seed Pod

Based on a true story I have no shame with sharing...
Ever heard a beautiful bird singing that you couldn't find the actual bird singing? Such is the late afternoon here when the invisible bird sings. Until yesterday. Yes, I found the feathered singer!
In a locust tree, high up among the seed pods I pin point the bird's song. I look. I walk around. I zoom the camera. I look. Aha! Wait. It looks rather large for a goldfinch. What kind of bird is that? Sounds like a robin or cardinal. I'll know better when I upload the pictures for a closer look.
Can you guess?
Answer: Seed Pod Bird!
That's right...a seed pod.
The catch...seed pods don't sing.
I smile. I laugh.
I say Here's to Life
while looking into trees with thousands of tiny leaves.

Jotting on wish list...binoculars.


  1. Oh Maywyn this is a good one - something I would do too! Have a great day and thank you for making me smile!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for the lovely photos on your blog. Next shopping trip, I'm buying a frisbee.


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