25 July 2014

Spider Thoughts

 Yes, she is still on my patio. This morning early I found her on the side of the screen door. If she's not careful, she could end up in paint or sealer after the deck renovation is finished. She did move out of the way when I went out this morning. Her web hasn't been empty. Wouldn't it be neat to  know why she moved to the other end of the patio window-door? I guess there are many who say no considering the fear of spiders.

A something about me...there was a time in my life when I made room for spiders in the shower because the loneliness was that intense. They were living beings that acknowledged I existed. I had friends, family and places to go, much more so than now. Lonely doesn't always mean alone. Sometimes it means people want you there, but don't see You there.

Well, one day a Daddy Long Legs got caught up in the shower water, legs all soaked together. I used toilet paper to wick away the moisture, sop him up and place him on the bathroom floor with dry toilet paper. I then left him to recover. Sure enough, some moments later there he was up on all legs quite animated. Did I hear a ...Holy shit did that creature just save my life? No. He (or she) was a spider. They don't speak a language I understand. However, I must say the spider did look rather thank you-ish.

Thank you are two very powerful words.
Know them
Embrace them
Accept them with grace


  1. Dear Maywyn - aren't spiders fascinating? I love to watch them spin their webs...and when the morning dew is on them they are lovely. Hope you are have a great day. Thank you for sharing.

    1. HI Debbie,
      Spiders are fascinating. The most beautiful spider webs I've see were in the autumn sunlight along a foggy county road in Ohio
      Have a wonderful summer week-end

  2. HI Maywin~I liked this post, for many reasons-I won't go into it-but I've been there with the people and loneliness thing-still am in many ways-but I do think about what the little creatures might be thinking about us...

    1. Hi Debra,
      Life is a lot about balance. I hope you found one that doesn't make you dizzy walking along its wonderful path. :)
      Have a great week-end

  3. I am getting use to them...seems to be a lot of them this year...harmless ones. My apartment complex is next to a wood so I have all kinds of winged creatures this year. I have saved a few bugs this year too....LOL

    1. Hi Dee,
      I think the combination of sun and rain raises the number of bugs this year.


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