17 July 2014

Marshmallow Chicken & Sniveling About Draperies

During one of my clean out stuff last week I found a bunch of poems I wrote in 2006. Evidently I was distraught at the time that the hems of a pair of draperies was uneven. A short easy poem to edit, right? Not. Reading a poem to edit means I question what's the message. I don't always remember the original thoughts. In this poem, I know for sure I can live with uneven curtain hems. Cut off jeans. Uneven. Cut off shorts. Uneven. Cut off sleeves. Uneven.
Marshmallow Chicken, digital photo

Are all old poems jotted down worth editing? No. I believe there is poetry we write that is for us, silly little bits of thinking or driveling sorrow syllables.
They are like a cloud that looks like a giant marshmallow chicken wondering why one is bothering with whatever is happening on the ground. Some poems are just meant to be marshmallows.

Balancing the Universe

lazy on a pine floor
sniveling about draperies'
hems are uneven
as they hang
awry, unplumbed,
as they hang
pull out, iron, stitch again
by hand over the ironing board
balancing the universe
with threads
and curtain rods


  1. Dear Maywyn - first - love your Marshmallow Chicken photo and second I love your poem. I know I too have written poetry that is really just relevant for me. Funny what thoughts were running through my mind when I wrote it - sign of age - can't remember (LOL)! Thank you so much for your prayers for my Mom - she is fine - all is well and God is Good! Hugs - have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you, Debbie, your support and kind words mean a lot to me.
    Prayers for your Mom, you and yours will continue


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