13 July 2014

Inspiration & Small Spaces

The past week has been interesting sorting things in preparation for a temporary move next month when my apartment is renovated. This week is a bigger push to separate what is going with me and what is  being stored away. I'm not exploring the Pyrenees for a month, therefore, a packing perspective for the short  next door move is what I have to focus on — Can I drag it versus I don't want to drag it. Essentially, I'm forming a mini my place. If I want a mini house that's becoming popular now, then this is an opportunity to feel out living light. I believe I can live light well, If I have a big storage area.

Think about this...in the old day of covered wagons, settlers sought out land with specific parameters...water source, timber, protection, good soil and such. Their homesteads have specific buildings for specific uses that form a basic circle of sustainable living. Are you in your circle? If not, then can you adjust things to create a personal homestead with what you have based on what you want and need?

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed about houses, layout, decoration, landscape. The screens where I stared into my daydreams were wallpapers of bows, flowers and ribbons streaming up to the ceiling or chickens, fruits, vegetables, acanthus leaves, scroll work, or a blank chipped/textured wall. Wallpaper was big back in those days. I think because so many houses had bumpy plaster walls and/or it was a way to elevated one's interior environment to a richer looking decor. Somehow from that my style is an organic rustic cabin-cottage elegance.
I don't like bathrooms so large they should have a public bath house notice for maximum room capacity. I love windows for viewing the weather, daydreaming, and as companion to reading and writing...a window nest as opposed to a window seat. And there may be a day in the future when I will be able to build that place. Until then, the elements of those dreams can be created wherever I am.
Now, if junk chic was the decor I love, then hey, I'm good.


  1. Maywyn - your thought about living well light with a large storage area made me smile...that is me for sure! What a big job to pack up and move temporarily - it is a wonder you have time to blog - I know what it was like when I had to remove carpet from three bedrooms and have new installed (never thought I had too much stuff- but now I know I do_ this spring. Good luck in your sorting. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you Debbie. A good week to you as well
      On move day, movers will pack up and put things in storage. Google or not, my reference books will be with me. In the back of my mind, I'm interested in seeing how fast I unpack when the renovation is complete and I'm back in my apartment. lol

  2. wow.. good luck with the renovations.
    packing is painful but also a chance to cleanse yourself of all the things you don't really truly need.

    1. Hi Hena,
      I like that...cleanse yourself. I'm going to use that as my focus. I know I need a larger paper shredder for sure. The other day I found groceries lists years old! lol

      I love reading about your trip to Philly. Beautiful photographs. The round swing pictures is adorable.


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