21 July 2014

How Much is Enough About?

Here or There, digital photo
If you are a public personality, then details about your life being public are a given with consideration for a reasonable measure of privacy. Where family and friends are concerned, children especially, I believe, permission is required to post about them, text and photos. The exception is a general statement like... when my kids were young...I liked picnics...an about you, not them thing.

There are blogs where bloggers tell a dozen things about themselves. If I read this blog, and write down all the things that fill in a profile, then that's a lot of about me. One day I might post a list of a few things about myself for fun. Until the, this post, for example, indicates I have a somewhat strict view of what privacy is, especially for children. Why is that? I was once a child growing up in the 1950s, strict parenting was the rule. Thus, I say: "Children are not chattel." Think about it.

The best decision, I feel, you can make is what is best for you taking others into consideration. Children will grow up to have an opinion about how much of their lives you have revealed online. I think its reasonable to believe there will be some that will love it, and some that won't. Times change. How we view each other changes. As for family and friends, I offer the suggestion...Post Only With Permission. In some cases, asking for written permission might be a good idea.
And then there's Respect. A stranger in a photo you've taken at a festival, for example, may not need permission to post, but posting about them in a negative or provocative way isn't respectful.
I've posted about this issue before. I feel its worth repeating. Meanwhile, I'm making a list of things about me to post. Well, m a y be post.

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