28 July 2014

Happy Last Monday of July 2014!

Out of all the rubble and stuff around the apartment building, this lone sunflower blooms. Amazing.

Sorry...I forgot to post a Reflection Monday for July. Thus, a Happy Last Monday of July!
What to celebrate? The rain here in Vermont that's been heavy at times? Good garlic and onion bread? Being grateful the tiny cheese cake thing had no flavor (to entice me to buy again)? Good fruit consumption without weight gain? A strawberry sundae? An exhausting shopping trip? Yes!

The contrast between being a semi-recluse/don't shop in big stores very often versus being in big stores shopping has been a unique experience.
Starting off with Home Depot to buy Masonite (tempered hardwood) for a large painting, I forgot to measure if it will fit in the Jeep (borrowed from son). The great salesman loaned me his measuring tape. Two cuts later, and more wood for bracing,  I check out with ease by another excellent employee. I put the wood and cut board in the Jeep, and go back for the rest of my list.
The plastic covered 5 gallon bins are pricier than when on sale, and, the last time I bought them over ten years ago. I wish I bought more of the plastic shoe box size because they are great for organizing projects as well as supplies. Then, into the gardening section for soil for my herbs (as opposed to plant soil for flowers). By then, my feet were aching and my stomach was grumbling. I hadn't stopped for coffee or breakfast. I left before finishing  my list.
Next...Walmart. AHA! Dunkin' Donuts! I bought a plain donut to hold me over until I finish shopping. For under garments, the experience was frustrating until a kind customer helped me find what I needed. Dishes. Plastic glasses made in American. Big bin. Little bin. Once again,  I stop shopping before I finish my list. I check out, and with the help of another fantastic employee, found my way back to Dunkin' Donut to two cheery clerks, and a fun reminder of my retail days...customer clearly asks for one thing, then changes their mind saying they didn't ask for that and walks away. Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee tastes like a coffee frappe, only not as thick. I've bought ice coffee at different Dunkin' Donut locations, still the same great flavor, and service.

Through it all, life goes on has been confirmed! Being a semi-recluse enhances the contrast between being away from it all, and then back for a Saturday morning shopping trip. That view is from a perspective perch one normally would not be able to appreciate. All the clerks are above average, including the customer that save the day in the undergarment department. Four hours later, all I wanted to do is drive safely home, and stay home. I could have returned the next day to finish my shopping list, but I didn't. A short trip to the grocery store was all I could take of being out and about...until, of course, the strawberry sundae excursion.

I'm almost glad its raining today/excuse to stay indoors. Five days now a print out draft of the long poem I began writing in 2013 has been on or near my desk. I'm once again determined to finish what begins with the part I won't change...

                                      On a breath of night stars
                                       he moans in a hurrying way
                                       through the gracile woods
                                       scented with pine and thick autumn.

                                                  First stanza, "The Scent of Frozen Apples"

This will be a soup for lunch day.


  1. Dear Maywyn - lovely post - I may not be completely a recluse but I always am glad when I get home too. Often I don't finish my shopping list either...gives me an excuse for another frappe (McDonald's instead of Dunkin Donuts - must try theirs)! Have a wonderful week.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for the tip about McDonald's frappe. I'll give it a try.
      A great week to you and your blog break

  2. I like to get out and wander the roads but in between enjoy being home.

    1. Hi Dee,
      I like your back road wanderings posts. The pictures you take are always interesting.

  3. Hello! I like being home too-maybe too much! It's sooooo beautiful here, and I have the most wonderful studio....I have geese to hold on my lap, a dove that hoots and loves me....a wonderful husband that lets me do my art thing-of course he's working when I'm in my studio, so that helps!
    It was nice to read that you had so many helpful people on your shopping trip-it always makes my day when that happens!

    1. Hi Debra,
      Your place is beautiful, lovely gardens. I always enjoy seeing your photos.
      The shopping trip couldn't have gone better help wise. Saturday mornings aren't the best time to shop for somebody that doesn't go out much. lol


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