15 July 2014

Drawing: Abstract Shapes

Last May 2014, the watercolor and ink abstract shape drawings were put away until space and time are available to build the diorama I planned. In the recent sorting to move phase, the drawing and cut out shapes end up on the table for thinking time.

One night a glance tells me, I like what I see. Shapes resting on top of the drawing have a depth the drawing doesn't. The abstract vision issue I have clues me in that depth is the key. A diorama, and a flat paper background are both useful.
On the flat surface I can bend the cut outs, and glue them in place. For some poses, cutting the paper to pull them through will work, after careful thought. I don't want to cut the paper and then change my mind.

With one hot glue gun wound almost healed, its time to get out the ouch glue for the next step in this drawing project. I will be keeping an ice pack nearby (away from electrical devices).


  1. I like this a lot-the colors and shapes are wonderful.

    1. Thank you Debra
      I love your recent garden photos. They are beautiful colors and shapes in nature.

  2. I love the way your mind is always on art mode. :)

    1. Hi Dee,
      Thank you. Artwork and supplies are the decor of my little desk corner.
      Have a great week. I look forward to reading your blog.


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