28 June 2014

Straw Hat Makeover: Vintage Seed Bead Belt & Fabric Flowers

- Straw Hat
- Faux flowers sewn and/or hot glued with berries, leaves, rhinestones and beads.
- Vintage souvenir seed bead belt
- Hot glue (for its waterproof quality)
1. Cut the belt to fit the hat band leaving space for the flower arrangement. Hot glue ends that cut into the seed beads. Ends will be covered by flowers
2. Hot glue the belt to the hat
3. Hot glue the flower arrangement to the space

 If the belt has missing seed beads, string them and fill in the empty space. When the hat ages, you can remove the  belt and flowers to put on a new hat. 

Cappelli Paper & Polyester Hat Makeover

Other belts can also make nice hat bands. Thrift stores and rummage sales usually have boxes of old belts. Web belts are good for sewing your own canvas shopping bags.

Whatever you chose, have fun being creative!


  1. WOW! What a cute hat. I have never thought of putting a belt on a hat but its so clever. Looks like a beautiful day in the photos.

  2. Hi Erika
    Hope you are feeling great and enjoying your summer.

  3. A woman after my own heart! I love what you have done with your hat Maywyn..so clever. You have made your mark, your very own and it is beautiful. I am off to think of the possibilities…before I do, I want to thank you for your imaginative comment on my post..I know Mr. H will love it! ;)

  4. Hello Jeanne,
    Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. I love reading your inspirational and entertaining blog.

    I hope whatever windows you chose will be magical, taking in all the beauty of your lovely farm.

  5. that looks so pretty! great idea

  6. Hi Hena,
    Thank you.
    I love your trip to the zoo post.

  7. Oh, man - I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO doing this! I LOVED wearing those belts in my younger/thinner days. Still have a few around - thanks for a fabulous idea!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I check out Ebay for the seed bead belts. There aren't that many listed. I hope I can find more.


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