10 June 2014

June Strawberry Moon 2014

10 June 2013 (almost full)
13 June 2014, Full Moon.
Almost all the winter clothes are put away. I need to replace three old bins I gave away or tossed so I can put the rest of the stuff I pulled out away. Oh, my I hear myself saying every day as I rediscover things. 
I've been pondering why every time when I saw the white boxer fostered next door, I think the face looks like he or she is asking me why I haven't adopted him or her yet.
 Photography the Moon this evening hasn't been worth the mosquito bites.


  1. I always wondered why it was called a strawberry moon. as I ate a strawberry today it occurred to me, maybe it's because they come out when there are strawberries growing..... :)

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Your walk around London photos are a real treat.
      Around these parts, mid to late June is pick your own strawberries time.


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