07 June 2014

June Flowers

Spireah against the new fence at the Vergennes First Cemetery , School Street and Mountain View Lane. It was a happy moment to see the fence put in by the Middlebury Fence Company.
I've been taking random photographs of this cemetery since circa 2002. The experience feels like saying hello to friends.I'm still gathering the few thousand photos into a collection.

An orange iris blooms near the sidewalk on Main Street, Vergennes, Vermont. Every year this gorgeous iris blooms with a darkest purple nearby.

Beautiful hanging baskets with begonias on the lamp posts in downtown Vergennes.
Think non pollen flowers this summer to reduce irritation of allergies. I found one site stating lilies are okay for allergies, but the smell can cause headaches. Search for don't produce pollen instead of non pollen bearing to bring up the best results.
Peonies posed to bloom
There is something about this flower that lifts my hand to write poetry. The long poem, "The Scent of Frozen Apples," is still being rewritten. Alas, longer poems means longer writing time. Duh on me who mainly writes short poems. Frozen apples isn't an epic poem like Homer's, "The Iliad." However, if I keep writing, then it might turn out to be.

The Black Locust trees are in bloom with their sweet smelling perfume filling the air. I was told years ago the wood was used for fence posts on early American farms.

Time to clean the fans and air conditioner.

Have a great week-end


  1. Beautiful photos! I don't think I've ever seen an orange iris!

    1. Hello Susan,
      Its a first for me as well.
      Love reading you blog. You always have interesting finds.

  2. Maywyn - it is so good to see what is blooming in Vermont. That Iris is simply breathtaking. I can see why you can't wait to see it from year to year. I know my dad always cut locust trees for fence posts here in Ohio. They just are so strong. Take care of your allergies and have a happy week.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Your garden flowers are gorgeous!
      I dream of a garden with orange irises.
      Have a great week!


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