13 June 2014

Friday the 13th Full Moon

A full Moon on Friday the 13th. While  not a rare event, methinks its a neat event.
That brings me to the word neat. I want a change, a different word. Forty years ago what word was the neat word? Boss. Far out. Cool.  (Cell phone alarm rings....don't remember why..TV?...Ancient Aliens?) Cool, that's the word! The problems are that I feel neat is youngish for me; and, using the word cool causes people to look at me weird with that face of you are too old or else your a hippie type. Neat appears to be the word that's acceptable to others when a gray haired person like me speaks that syllable. Shall I shake it up by going original, trade in the neat for the cool? Sure. The change might help others explore their prejudices, and, possibilities.
"Quick! Check my back! Is that an orb following me!?"
Possibilities? Hm? Has this week been clumsier or stranger than usual for you? Is the waxing Moon building up the toe stubbing, paper cuts, lost keys events? My week hasn't been the best due to matters beyond my control. The Moon isn't a large factor. I believe in the possibilities of scientific relationships. Being the human body is  mainly water, this tide of mind feels the soon approaching summer months have a stronger pull.
Still, superstition with all its mystery, magic, and fantasy can be pretty cool.

Note...the orb is a dandelion puff


  1. Maywyn - was just reading on the internet that because the moon has been riding low this week it has seemed full every night - I am not the superstitious type either...life happens and sometimes when it does it just happens to be a full moon day or Friday the 13th! Hope you have a wonderful one. Love that orb following the cat - is he one of yours??

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Wishing you a wonderful week-end. The Moon hasn't been its usual this week I notice, but didn't think about how low on the horizon it is. I pay better attention, make sketches to track it. I was trying to get a better picture like last year when the Moon was very close to the Earth orbit. Same cameras aren't taking the same photos this year.
      The cat is a mystery visitor passing through (from the active bird feeder next door). The "orb" is a dandelion puff lit up by the afternoon sun. Made me laugh seeing it.

  2. I love the moon especially full. Thanks for reminding me. love to you Maywyn,Diana

  3. Hi Diana,
    You posted wonderful photos of your painting class. Have a great week

  4. I am not superstitious and people blame weird behaviors on it...just like a black cat. A full moon is amazing to look at...it shows the craftsmanship of God.

  5. Hi Dee,
    Absolutely. I look at God's creation the same way, well, except for sleet.

  6. I noticed no difference in the moon. I hope that all is well for you and look forward to seeing your return to Blogland.

  7. Thank you Jenny
    I enjoyed your post about the lakes in Austria, very nice.


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