04 June 2014

Do You Look Back?

Baby Pine Cones, tiny and adorable
People that  move a lot for college, career, family or marriage can lose track of people they knew. I believe most have an address book, contacts hand written or on a device. What about the folks one doesn't call?
Decades ago there was a woman I worked with that I think of as having an inner sadness with an outer happiness that was only somewhat friendly and open. Complex. Complicated. Coworker. She is the type of person a writer wants to record. She is the type of person that deserves an entire story of her own that raises up the inner sad, and lets it float away.

When I look back to those days after high school, I feel sad mostly because I don't recall her name. I have written a short bit about her for reference. Writing character sketches is enlightening, how a person's appearance and demeanor meld into the mind as the person you know versus the person that is. Looking back can be as interesting as dreaming forward. I think those are the riches of our lives that make for an interesting now.


  1. I keep a diary so if I really want to know about someone I can usually dig back in that period of my life and find out something about them. It's strange though to meet with people I used to know. Often I think we only are friendly with people because they are around. The ones who we really want to keep in touch with, because we have something in common with them, are the ones we continue to see.
    I love meeting up with old friends, even if our contact is only intermittent, becuase at least we have made the effort to stay in touch. .

    1. Hello Jenny,
      Meeting up with people from the past can be exciting to hear their news.
      In a small community, its a wonder how many knew each other back in the day.

  2. Dear Maywyn - what a great observation you made about the woman you mentioned. You have a way of looking deeper which makes me so glad I have met you. What appears on the surface is so often not who we really are inside. Your sensitivity to this makes you very special. Thanks for making me stop and reflect on some of those I have known or met in the past as well. I too am sad that I can't remember their name (maybe part of it is that we are getting older - lol)!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. You've been a wonderful person to meet blogging. And you blog is always inspirational.
      I'm starting to remember to write down people's names before I forget them. lol

  3. I do look back...and it's surprising how many of my long lost acquaintances have looked back this past year also, and have regained contact with me. Do you have an old High School yearbook you could jog your memory with?

  4. Hello Tanya,
    As it happens, in June, graduation month, I've been looking at my high school year book to remember faces.


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