22 May 2014

Via Houzz Tree House

Rustic Exterior by Denver Architects & Designers Missy Brown Design

A dream home nesting place seen on Houzz.com. to dream with.
The first house plan I drew when I was about eleven or twelve years, tennis courts, pools, gardens, and a cozy sun room. In these end of life season years, I imagine a nest...a small area-room of wood with tree trunks curving the walls, mattress on the floor, sky light for observing stars and snowflakes, and a long window the length of the bed that rolls up into the wall in sections. Nothing else in the space but the door to the steps up into, and a door to a gentle slide into the dressing room and bathroom below. 

What does your dream place look like? Do you have one?


  1. Well, THAT's pretty fabulous!!!!

    1. Hello Tanya
      I think it can be built even without a tree nearby.

  2. Dear Maywyn - I get you and I think mine would certainly look a lot like yours...keeping it simple is what I would certainly do now...less stuff to fuss over. I think this one might fit me very well! Have a great week-end.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      That would be something, a forest of tree house bloggers. lol
      A great week-end to you!


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