21 May 2014

The Next Steps

I'm off to play around with paper, scissors, glue and tape!
I need to make a diorama of the images in my brain. Its the only way I can see where I want to be with the artwork. First, I'll make a white box after I decide on what scale will serve the images best. Then I'll use light and a fan to move the light and objects around.
Have you made a diorama to paint from?
Last night I sat at the table thinking in near darkness.
Uh oh, I painted the blue one orange and the orange one blue. I'll make more. This is turning out to be quite fun as well as interesting. Obstacles and solutions. The white box isn't going to work for the feel that I'm going for because the angles of the light bouncing off the walls. I need a round enclosure. Next problem...how to make a big enough round area. An inverted umbrella with paper mache walls painted white?


  1. No I haven't. I'm not sure what it is.. what is it?? love,Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      A diorama is a scaled down mini model of a scene. Think museum displays. When I was a kid, there was a fancy Easter eggs made with a diorama inside.

  2. I am intrigued by your art here recently-I like all of it I've seen, but this is interesting to me because you are also making something to go with your art. I like that. I am realizing I am more of a maker than a painter. I hope you will show the whole process of what you are doing!

  3. Hello Debra,
    Your fawn photos have made my week a happy one. I'm glad the doe returned to her baby as you expected.
    Thank you. I will be posting as the process progresses. Each think session brings up another obstacle. I'm now in a mind to use a white sheet to create a fort like room. The smaller spaces I was thinking of at first might not achieve the airy feeling I'm looking for. A diorama takes time. A sheet not so much. I'll test out both.


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