18 May 2014

Precipice of Doing Something Creative

Do you know the feeling when your mental sky is clear; your heart strings are perfect tune; and your artist belly is full? That place of All Swing where mood up and down meet as one on a brilliant horizon beaming with art? If so, then you know the feeling can stay with you for seconds or days as the ideas glide through your image pools. Food tastes better. The sun is brighter. Rain is sweet. You don't care if there's nothing left in the closet that doesn't have paint on it.

Cleaning out cabinets helps me think at the precipice of doing something creative when my muse, Cyrl, refuses to point me in the direction from where the feeling radiates. I look at all the stuff pulled out, bottle caps, wire, strings, old pens, broken jewelry, and unfinished projects. What a mess. Then, aha! I realize the precipice appears several days ago after I read a story I began in 2004. I recently carried that composition book around with me for weeks procrastinating. I'm determined to read, edit and finish it lousy or not, like it or not. Liking the story (nice 14,000+ first draft words) combined with grasping ten years ago feels weird. I wrote this?

Its a silly story about two women whose life joy is embroidery. Each year the local competition for best of show embroidery is won by one or the other. Until. There is the major big time competition that both qualify for. They end up being the two for the final judging. Until. One dies the day before the final presentation. The survivor is livid, feeling robbed of her rightful prize. Last one standing is not a true win as being judged number one against another. Thus, she bursts out with a several unkind words that moves the cursed story to its conclusion. "Embroidered Truths," is the title. And unlike a lot of other unfinished projects, this one will be finished by June month's end to be either posted here on a page or on Amazon's Kindle program.


  1. I know that feeling well, creative girl! Can't wait for the end of your story...Happy Sunday - XOXO

  2. Happy Sunday to you and yours, Tanya
    Seeing your lovely photos of cactus flowers has made this day cheery for me.


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