27 May 2014

Nesting Robin

Nesting birds always represent to me, hope and renewal of life. Its funny that sometimes one can identify the tree they are in by the amount of droppings on the sidewalk. Thank you to this   mother robin for choosing  a nest site over the lawn.

My nest area is under renovations, and I'm organizing  in preparation (sorting through stuff). I'm also busy with writing projects and the abstract drawing diorama. I'm looking for the right size cardboard (that doesn't include emptying a box). Thoughts are on air conditioning for the season and a new thermal picnic basket for  plein air excursions.

Last week I learned that a system recovery doesn't always delete the photographs if you back up first. The drop down file extension to .jpg brought them all back up. How did that all happen? The keyboard went out, two of them. Turn system off and such didn't fix it. Then the system kept circling at start up. Finally, an old keyboard began responding so I could hit F10 for the system recovery. Scary moment I say it was, very scary. I didn't take a chance just turning the PC on. I was also determined not to cave and go whinning to the laptop.

Wishing you all a great last week in May with prayers and good thoughts June will be fantastic

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