17 May 2014

In the Knew Shoe News: Textile/fiber Shoe Soles

In follow up to the 23 April 2014 post about textile, fiber shoe soles:

After the April post, I was browsing shoes online when I found a pair of sports shoes with a photo that looks like the shoes I returned because I mistook the part rubber, part textile soles as a defect.
The description of the shoes I found online state the soles are all rubber. The picture doesn't look like they are to me. I send an email to the shoe company (photo looks like part rubber, part fiber/textile). The reply supports the description the soles are all rubber. Today, I sent another email asking why the photograph of the shoes doesn't look like the soles are all rubber.

Why bother? I bother because I question why a photograph with a description that doesn't match. I want to know what I'm buying. I won't buy a sport shoe that has a textile/fiber sole because I don't know if they will hold up to wear and tear like all rubber. I know there are other materials like leather that shoe soles are made of. What I don't know and have yet to find online, is what this new textile/fiber sole is made of. Textile/fiber shoe soles might very well be durable. I want to know before I buy.

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