12 May 2014

Introducing Smith, Mitten & Flitten

Smith & Mitten,  (far left center see ears)
The baby squirrels explore the outdoors from their hollow in a tree home. I've name the duo Smith and Mitten. Their sibling from the home nest above is Flitten. The tales I write about their adventures for my Hedgerow Squirrel stories will be titled Smith, Mitten & Flitten. The last out of the nest, Smith, is a Democrat. The fearless one, Mitt, is a Republican. And of course, Flitten, the one that fell from the nest, is of the Tea Party.

Do you write stories about your adventures, pets, snafus and travels? It doesn't take much to buy a small spiral notebook to write down a few pages. Those words will accumulate into a selection of tales that you could illustrate. They may not make it to a major publisher, but that's all right. They will be your stories to publish on your own or give as gifts.
I believe there are paths that can be so comfortable, we don't want to dilly dally too far into the side of the road. I believe we all have a path finder in our creative hearts where we can make our own roads, lanes, avenues, paths that expand our creative journey. After all—You direct the pen. You push the brush.


  1. Dear Maywyn - this is such a great post. I would love to read your Hedgerow Squirrel stories. You do write so well. Such wise words too about the path finder in our creative hearts. Hope you are having a delightful day.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather! The trees there must be bright green. Think of the rain as leftover April showers.


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