08 May 2014

Baby Squirrels Part Two!

You may remember the recent post about The Baby Squirrel that fell out of the nest when mother squirrel was making room by moving two of its siblings. I've been watching the new location hoping they are alive and not buried in the hollow of the tree. I've seen the mother squirrel on that limb. Well, today...tada!
I think maybe...is there...YES!

I am thrilled! More squirrel stories to tell!

Aren't the darling, just the cutest little things peeking out...Is that her?


  1. LOOOOOVE the baby squirrels...so dang cute.:)

    1. Hi Dee,
      I hope you are having a nice spring week-end.
      The baby squirrels must sleep a lot because I only see them when the mom is around,.


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