23 May 2014

Art Studio Space

What I dream of in an art studio space are light and space, windows and room to move. Looking back at studio spaces selected a few years ago, I find the above photograph is still the favorite with the second favorite close by (below).
Modern Garage And Shed by Louisville Design-Build Firms Studio Shed
Hard Castle Photography: Allen Krughoff 

I want wood floors with an easel painting area that has a concrete floor. Concrete is easier to clean up, and besides, paint drippings look interesting. The two studio space blend modern and traditional. 
Recently, I've been inspired by the videos on the blog Sparrowgrass. I dream now of a camper studio that moves around the yard (when I have a yard of my own). In the video, there's too many beautiful views to stay with the same one. A camper studio rules out a concrete floor. Instead, an industrial flooring throughout the space like the diamond pattern flooring in garages.

Do you have a dream art studio? 

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