07 April 2014

Reflection Monday April 2014

On this first Monday of April 2014, the snow is almost melted, and soon violets will be coloring the lawn. In 1960s Time's Square, vendors sold small round purple violet bouquets. I always wondered where they bloomed long enough to be available for sale. I didn't think to ask. Violets are a flower that likes the cool air as much as they love to flower.
Wishing you all a blooming good April!


  1. Dear Maywyn - violets are such a favorite of mine. Ours usually don't bloom until the end of April but this year it may be later because it has been so cold.

    Have a lovely day - so glad your comments are working.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you. The comments idea didn't work well. lol
    The photo is from the end of April last year. If the temps warm up, then they might bloom early this year.

  3. Wild violets and primroses were picked by the brownies in our village, from the hedgerows. We gave the little posies to the ladies ill in hospital, a memory is the joy on a face as I gave her the tiny bunch of flowers, I was about 8years old.
    Your violets look lovely.

  4. Hello and welcome Milly
    Your patchwork star is amazing! You don't complicated the description, and that makes is easy to dream I might make one.
    You have a great blog.

  5. Aw, that's beautiful photo, and I wish I had some violets too! I love deep purple shades and these are gorgeous!

    1. Hello Katherine,
      Thank you. Those violets are the short ones the grow wild in the lawn. Violets are easy to transplant. They will spread nicely with just a few plants.


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