10 April 2014

Old Blog Make-over

Have an old blog you let go dormant?
Then consider resurrecting it with a new name. It takes time and planning, but it may be worth it if you want to expand your blogging range.
1. Select a new name and buy the domain name.
2. Create a new Gmail address that suits the new name
3. Log into the blog.Under Settings, invite the new gmail address to be an author. Log out.
4. Log into the new gmail account. Accept the invitation. Log out.
5. Log into the old blog gmail address. Under settings make the new gmail address the Admin. Then click on the X beside the old gmail address to remove it as a blog author. Log out.
6. Log into the new gmail address and finish setting up the blog make-over.

Note: Share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. don't show up until the blog is public. Also, your Profile will show when you have G+, a red box with a g and a + for Google plus, and link to Google+. New blogs will take time before you can search for them online.


  1. Way over my head...LOL...but I have thought about a second blog for my art.

    1. Hi Dee,
      Consider having a page for your lovely doodles. Its easier to set up a page. Have a great week-end

  2. Love your comments dear but you do know I cannot reply to them via email since you are a "no reply"- I forget if that is by choice..Anyhoot wanted to say that a big chunky necklace would just accentuate my double chin lol
    Great info today

    1. I found the email setting. Its on the Profile edit to show email. Thank you again.

  3. Hello there,
    Thank you for letting me know about email. Its a choice that gets clicked when it shouldn't. I have to go back and figure it out each time it happens. This time I'll write myself a note. lol
    Chunky necklace on top of nice fluffy scarf. I always enjoy reading your blog. I like your energy! Great news about your children's projects.


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