29 April 2014


Love the word glamping!
Luxury camping is glamping, in places with things that are high end for the outdoors.
My version of glamping means a private indoor bathroom nearby or at the very least, an enclosed clean outhouse. After that, a simple mosquito net, scented bug repellent, bear spray, table linens, silver flatware, stoneware mug and plate, pretty rocks around the campfire (bring them), lounging chair, and, a tear drop camper.
Months ago on Pinterest a beautiful photograph by Thomas J. Story, Sunset.com is pinned from the article, "Camping in Style," by Aislyn Greene. One look at that pretty little chiffon yellow camper in the pines I became smitten.
The YouTube video posted below shows how to make your own tear drop camper. If I had a garage, then I'd be making one. With two years of mechanical drawing in high school, I can design a fairly nice one visual wise. The measurements will need help.
Pretty Rocks

What does glamping mean to you?
Have you been glamping?
Do you have a tear drop camper?
What are the necessities you need to go glamping?


  1. I would love to have one of those darling little trailers from the1950's early 60's. My days of camping in rusticity are long gone, but loved it in my youth. Yeah, give me a hot shower and a feather pillow and a nice little gas stove to warm my tea. Sleeping bags and campfires, no way!

    1. Hi Jeri,
      I love that word, "rusticity." Sleeping bags outdoors with a tarp I might try, but out in the open on bare dirt ground under the stars, nah. Those days are gone.

      I Google, camping for elderly. The top results are about the "elderly" camping with others. Search, old want to go camping...results are about teenagers. Senior citizen search is about discounts and free passes. Final search, elderly go camping...again, about the elderly going along with others...as if we can't camp on our own. I guess I'm not really old yet. :)

  2. Ha! I like that term! If I went camping that's the sort I would do too! I love the rock photo! It would make a nice drawing. Maywyn, I can't get myself on your follower list because Blogger tells me I already follow too many blogs. But I discovered that if I click on the "Follower" gadget, it will work. Could you add the "Follow" gadget in your sidebar? That's the only way that I can become a follower.

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Thank you for the tip about following. I didn't know there's a limit. There's always something to learn on Blogger.
      Journaling last night, I realize how therapeutic it can be to blog about subjects that are inherently calming, like the camping experience of being outdoors. I'll blog about camping more, (but not ice cream and pumpkins). :)


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