01 April 2014

Geese Are Flying North

Snow Geese Flock, 8 AM EST, Vergennes, VT
The dots left of center (white V), down and towards bottom right, is a huge flock of what appear to be either Snow or Canada geese flying west to northwest. You can usually hear the honking first. This large flock is very high in the sky, and took some time to locate from the sound. The camera is a 10X zoom, and for distance higher than that (up to 41X), blurs greatly. I lean towards they are snow geese because of the amount of white. At 8 AM the sun is up showing some whiter than others. Dead Creek Wildlife Management area south of here is a stop over point for the migrating Canada Goose as well as the Snow Goose.

Update and correction, 2 April 2014, Wednesday
Photo left, Geese left of center top to bottom with telephone wire on right for distance comparison. The geese are flying North.
I corrected the title to Flying North from Arriving.
They arrived and are now leaving for Canada.


  1. They are flying here also...I am always afraid I will get a pooh on my head. LOL

    1. Hi Dee,
      Your fears aren't without merit because those geese droppings can be like concrete cupcakes. After having my car bombarded with them once from a huge landing flock, I have a bit of fear myself. :)


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