12 March 2014

Wednesday 12 March Snowfalling

About a quarter past five this morning the first snowflakes began falling from the winter storm forecast in this area of the Northeast in Vergennes, Vermont. The steady paced flakes are a slow mix of sizes. Farther south, the radar map shows a busier atmosphere at this almost 6 AM hour.
Yesterday was warm, sunny, and gorgeous weather for a  not quite yet spring day. Birds were chirping everywhere.  The day was perfect for clearing corn snow in the backyard rill (drainage path) to divert fast running water to the larger ditch. Mr. Lincoln the snowman, lost his hat, but the scarf is still hanging on. Alas, in the next two days he will have company as the snow piles up, and gives his coat a makeover.

An less than a hour later, the snow slows to a dash of white here and there. Its going to be a long day.

Update 8 AM...Snowflakes are larger, sticking and the pace is steadier.

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