29 March 2014

The Unfinished

The four seasons unfinished 5" x 7" acrylics on canvas board are dated 2010. On my quest to finish all the paintings I've started, these are up next as I work on three others. Rushing a painting is a skill I obviously don't have.
I have looked at these many times. Painted many times. Thinking along the way whether or not this is what that season means to me. Yes. But, not quite. Thus, they get tucked away until I clean out the area and find them again.
Then a strange thing happened yesterday with left over paint from another unfinished. I began painting over the winter scene with no particular thought in mind other than the Vermont mountain landscape I love and see almost daily (some days I don't go out). And there it is, the season Winter. Falling snow is under consideration.

That won't happen with Autumn at Dead Creek. The last bit to add are the snow geese, and more detail on the cornstalks.
Summer will change to include a picnic and figures.
Spring will be taken over by apple blossoms.
This is the season they will all be completed.

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