19 March 2014

Self Portrait: Feet First

"Feet First" Self Portrait
M.Flannery ~ Maywyn Studio
18" x 24" Acrylic
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The self portrait I estimate (without looking back at photos), began three to eight years ago. 
I finished it today. 
The triptych in the painting was painted over around five years ago. The quilt is from memory because the real one was recovered even before the triptych changes. The sweater and pillowcase have gone through color changes. My hair was longer (and not as gray[even now]). The fuzzy yellow socks, the source of the title, with the faux fur trimmed tops wore out, mostly into the dryer filter.
The original idea was to emphasize an asleep open mouth drooling face lit up by the television. I changed my mind because a couch potato isn't what the story is about. Depression is.
Depression isn't about being a couch potato. Those long sad moments are the hours before one rises up dragging along that sorryasssadness. Everyone deals with depression in their own way. For mine, I view the state I was in as part of my growing process. All of me is woven with all of me and that is the life I have lived, am living, and will live. I can look back and laugh about how I put one foot on the floor...thee best feet first...then the other, and walked away with little steps from those depression episodes knowing I may be back, but I'd rather keep moving. 
Art lightens up my face most, not the television.


  1. I can feel your depression with your self portrait of you on the couch....the body language tells it all.. You are a very talented artist.

  2. Hello Dee,
    Thank you for the kind words.
    I must say, you have a lot of talent. Your doodle drawings are spectacular. I'd love to see them in book form.

  3. All paintings are so beautiful <3 I really loved your art and blog <3
    have a look at my fine art blog. hope you like it too :)

    1. Thank you
      I appreciate your visiting

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment. When I saw the snow I thought you were keeping warm under the beautiful quilt. I realise there is another reason, art is good for memories, how we felt at a certain time. Glad you are enjoying happier times, to finally finish it shows strength and it is a lovely painting. X

    1. Hello Milly,
      Thank you. Your words are encouraging.
      I like to be wrapped in a quilt or afghan when watching television, even in the summer.

  5. Dear Maywyn - this is a very lovely painting and I can feel the sadness. I think though that it also speaks of hope...those trees represent not only what is underneath but what is growing upward...just like you. Thank you friend for sharing this very personal painting. You are extremely talented.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. I blush.
      The way nature and man-made things weave lives is interesting, and a good source of art inspiration.

  6. Slowly making my around to my favorite morning reads, today...glad I landed here. SO happy that you were able to finish this painting, with a smile on your face!!! Sorryasssadness be damned, today - hope it's wonderful, my friend! Tanya

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Thank you for a great start to my day from seeing your fantastic blog photos of the abandoned mine in Colorado. Have a wonderful happy week-end!


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