02 March 2014

Robins in Winter

A flock of robins was in the hedgerow the other day. There must have been at least five or six along with starlings, sparrows, juncos and blue jays making a racket. There are grapes and wild roses in the tangle shrubs and trees that the birds go after. The starlings usually clean most of the grapes off the vines. I don't usually see so many robins fluttering around until the lawn is green again in the Spring. I rather look to them for a sign of warmer weather than a ground hog.


  1. We have had Robins all Winter....i think they are confused. i would be.

  2. beautiful. we just put out our new bird feeders.. thinking of the poor birds looking for food in the snow. And we have been being visited by the most beautiful red and blue birds.. I don't know what they are but they have been a joy to watch.


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