03 March 2014

Reflection Monday: March 2014

If art has a face looking at you, then where do you imagine yourself standing? In front of an easel? A sketch pad? At a table strewn with sewing materials? Clay? A box of found objects? At a gallery or museum?
Sitting in a chair, feet up with a beverage by your side as you stare at your artwork?
Are you at your ideal place as often as you like to be?

Methinks, Cyrl, my muse wants March to be the think about where, as in how I feel about where I am, and how can I make it better. If I love the woods so much, then why isn't a huge picture of a favorite wooded place on my wall? Loving white painted wood beamed ceilings so much I want the under lid of my casket like that, means there needs to be a photo of a room in view from my desk while I'm living. (Apartment living prevents such a renovation.) Frankly, I didn't think that way until just now.
Today will be cleaning out desk corner for a spiffy redo...into a place that supports my spirit.

Where is your spirit hanging out?

~Reflection Monday is on the first Monday of each month, a day to reflect on something that lifts your spirits


  1. Unfortunately at my dinning table.....Everything in my life is disorganized right now but not in a bad way...just a temporary inconvenience...I look forward to my own spot to create and dream.

    1. Hi Dee,
      Dinning tables are good.
      I have a nice thick old pine one myself.


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