10 March 2014

Look What I Found

Wikipedia, Comparisons of antivirus software

Its interesting to see the different countries for the programs.
I'm back at researching security suites because after installing Norton 360, being on the Internet (even in Silent Mode) is an aggravating experience with freezes and slow downs. Unfortunately for me, I forgot why I canceled Norton last year. I had a duh on me moment last week. However, aggravating Internet use isn't all Norton's fault, those (%$@# plug ins, and, websites that stuff every bit of advertising they can on a page also cause problems for users.
In addition to anti virus software, you might read recommendations, from folks who appear to be computer savvy, to also install a malware program (if your anti virus security suite doesn't have one). Whatever you select, research, read reviews, and know that there is a good chance your system will be interrupted or slow down with each program you install to help keep your system safe.
Meanwhile, I like PCMagazine for reviews as well as general computer information.
Through it all, back to Avast.


  1. Maywin-I have been using the free version of avast for 4 years. Every time I update it, I do not choose to have Chrome as my browser, which is the only thing I have to look out for, as the little box is already checked for that browser-so I just uncheck it. Avast does not get in the way of anything for me, and has stopped quite a few disasters from happening on my computer. I can't say what the paid version is like, since I don't seem to need it. I also have a free Malware program-can't remember the name of it-but that seems fine too. I have not had any freezes, viruses, Trojans at all since I've used this. With another paid antivirus I had 6 years ago-it took so much space on my computer that it was slow, and also-it let a horrible Trojan on board and I had to pay a lot of money to wipe the computer and start over. It was awful.

    1. Hello Debra,
      Thank you for the information.
      My experiences with Avast are similar. The difference being, the paid version didn't work out for me.
      I have the feeling that the older a system is, the less likely it is to have smooth Internet sailing, a sort of sifting out the less than wealthy.

      And Windows XP retiring causes me concern. I can't imagine putting an operating system out there for millions of computers, and then shutting down support several years later. Computers aren't cars.


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