11 March 2014

Johnny Appleseed Day

John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed
26 September 1774 ~ 11 March 1845
The exact date of his death isn't confirmed. 

His birth and death are celebrated.
Interesting note from the Wikipedia article—Apple (and pear) trees were planted in the Midwest during the early settlement days in order by law to uphold the right to the claim to the land. 

 Born in Leominster, Massachusetts, there is Johnny Appleseed Country in Massachusetts with visitor's center in Lancaster, MA, and website Appleseed.org

The Johnny Appleseed Festival is held every September since 1974 in Fort Wayne, Indiana,the city where he lived the last years of his life.


  1. Dear Maywyn - we too here in Lisbon, Ohio have a Johnny Appleseed Festival - it is in Sept. too. Love your picture too. Have a beautiful day. It is 60+ here today but winter returns tomorrow. I am going to enjoy this while it lasts.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      That's wonderful. I'll make a note to post about Johnny Appleseed in the fall. Ohio woods are beautiful in the spring with flowering trees. Autumn is pure magic driving down county roads.

  2. That's a gorgeous picture. I didn't know it was Johnny Appleseed day! I used to read about him to my class at school. It's such a good story from our country's history. I think he walked through where I live too, in Ohio, also.

    1. Hello Katherine,
      Thank you. Mr. Appleseed surely did get around in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic states. He actually planted orchards. Many of the apple trees out in the woods, as I've been told, were planted there to attract deer. Apples are an important part of America's history.
      Have a great week


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