25 March 2014

For the Birds?

Robins waiting for spring thaw
Spring is taking too long to warm up.
Political correctness is as slow.
Playing catch up...the idiom for the birds is from World War II according to Wise Geek, when it was observed in the fields, birds pecking at manure. Birds aren't stupid, and just because their diet resources are different from ours is no reason to make fun of them. Wha? Boids? The cuties Americans spend $3 Billion dollars a year on for bird seed, according to Wikipedia?
Times change. People change. Attitudes change.

Finding alternative ways to say something is silly or stupid  is becoming more and more difficult as humans embrace the animal world without fear of being also made fun of. The duh factor is off the chart there is a debate about whether or not animals have emotions. They do, and I believe millions have known it from the beginning of time.

Alfred, (left above photo) asks Cindy on his left if she's sure I won't notice them. She replies, "Pose." Thus, the photo "Robins waiting for spring thaw" lives! Of course, I don't speak or understand bird language...I just have a feeling. So do birds.

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