21 March 2014

"Dandelion Picker" Progress

Friday photo shoot: Fan on a tee shirt
The flow of the shirt on the figure in my "Dandelion Picker" isn't working. Thus, up goes a real tee shirt on a curtain rod, with window solid surface back. It was awkward holding the floor fan  to direct  the air for more billowing while the other hand has the camera. The corner hem is attached to the curtain by a clothespin to add angle on the fabric/gravity thing. Playing in the background was load rock music for an edgy atmosphere.
I took several photographs to use for reference.
Digital photo: Grayscale tee, all channels negative, horizontal flip

Live Figure Sketch from Drawing 101
Inspiration for the "Dandelion Picker"
first posted about December 2012

"Dandelion Picker" 2012
In progress since 2010*
18" x 24" acrylic

*I am determined to finish my list of unfinished paintings.

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