08 March 2014


Based on memory instead of notes (not anticipating this post), in 2008 when I posted my first blog, the atmosphere I felt reading blogs from searches as well as blogger's lists, was lively. The world on the cyber street then if you want success selling online, then you need an art blog. An evolving networking world embraced the Internet through blogging and personal websites. Thus, I read, and read, and read.

In those days, again, lively is the word for being on the blogcatalog.com, technorati.com, and squido.com, and such. Follow me and I'll follow you was the fad. Having those notice-me validation buttons were the blog jewelry du jour.  With a few emails addresses, about five websites connecting to each other, an artist could set themselves up to look more important in the art world than they actually are.
As bloggers evolve, social networks and other websites arrive to gain importance, and the blog directory becomes less relevant.. The follow rage fizzles as this reader realizes there are only so many blogs one can click on in a day. In order to make a difference, one must read, and recommend the blog to others. Pick and chose replaces follow me, follow you.
 In order to maintain interesting blog reading, this reader must seek out new blogs, and then read them over a period of weeks because not all blog posts are interesting. A step up in supporting blogs is pinning on Pinterest, posting comments and, recommending them on your blog in posts and/or reading lists. You see an idea you want to post about, then cite the original blog source. In the style of is good. Similar to is good. Cloning not so much. Regular blog readers notice things.

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