06 March 2014

As the Blog Goes, the Pen Knows

     Looking back at your blog or life, are you surprised by the things that have faded from memory? Often, I feel, we look towards historical eras, to those interesting tid bits in the yesteryearness of Earth's human history. What about the eras of blogging?
     In this third generation blog, I no longer post stories or bits of writing as I did in the first two. Reading my first blog, that began in 2008, I see a different voice that moves into the second. Poet Whale Studio barely makes the leap into this blog's beginnings. Why the change? Kindle, Amazon's expansion of literature on an electronic device. I thought I'd publish my stories there, make some money, have something to show for my effort. That was about three years ago. Hello to me. Where has me been? Blogging with a blog to show for it, and looking around for what's been put aside.
     I made a list of all my story titles I can remember and found in files, cabinets, and notebooks. Happily, there are more that I still feel enthused about than not. I say, "Kid, select the happiest and finish it." There it goes into the new expandable file folder with elastic button closer all neat and tidy with a newly opened stack of notebook paper. (I mainly hand write first drafts.) What do I do when its time to write? I start another story! A story with a voice that is much like the others with the ideal family and friends ensemble. Oh my, they even live in the same fictional New England area. I wonder if they know each other.
     It all comes down to this, the projects to make it easier for me to push the depression aside and do something, has my mind so surrounded, that finishing those stories feels like I'm going on a vacation. Bonus. No deadlines. No plans. Writing for the fun of it. The flow is easier. And, my phobia about endings appears to be coming to an end...now where's my pen.


  1. I relate my friend....my art is for fun....no plans for it. If that door opens then I will step through it...but for now I love my creative vacations like you. :)

    1. Vacations are great, Dee.
      I hope you have many an excursion.


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