12 March 2014

And so the snow goes...

Seriously. Each time the snow swirls into a white out, I don't have the camera ready. Is it bad to give up? No. I took a couple of videos in which one does have a bit of white outing. The scene is much better in real life.
I try out the video icon above the typing area. All goes well until the message there is an error processing the video. Not all is lost. I upload to YouTube. A YouTube video processing includes your place in line. It can take a few (or many more) minutes for a video to be available for viewing.
Tippy the Squirrel, waiting in the hedgerow (not a video)

Meanwhile, Tippy the Squirrel subs for entertainment

Drive Safely

Update: Video  an hour later...  processing. After a little research...it can take up to 3 hours.
Update: 5:57 PM, video isn't processed. I delete it, and start over thinking maybe I uploaded the wrong video because the thumbnails look similar. The second try uploaded and processed within minutes.
Snow Storm Wind video

The quality of the YouTube video is nowhere near the original. The sound is all right. The image is blurry and pixelated when viewed on YouTube. The video posted here is better. The difference might be the processing edit option I chose on YouTube to fix the shaking. After the edit, I chose Undo.
In summary, if you want to post videos on your blog, then be sure you open the correct file you want to upload; plan in advance for the upload processing; know the acceptable file size, and time; and, read up on how to make the best YouTube videos.

Snow storm trees and wind, 12 March 2014


  1. Tippy is a cutie, I have been feeding a few from my patio this Winter. The video was chilling....such a harsh Winter.....I pray Spring will be pleasant and refreshing for you.

    1. Hi Dee,
      I hope you and yours are snug and cozy in MI after the snow you've had there.
      Spring is going to be the best in ages after this winter.


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