24 February 2014

Watercolor: Camel's Hump Mountain, Vermont

Camel's Hump Mtn, Vermont, 7" x 4 5/8" Watercolor

Years ago I saw an oil painting of a winter landscape with an orange sky. Artistic license. My orange watercolor sky isn't as big or as bold as the other artist's painting. Eh, for me...small sky, small step. And one day maybe therapy might explain why I like to paint rigid locust trees.


  1. I love the sky color! I think that the type of trees we draw does say a lot about our inner thoughts. Your tree doesn't look rigid, though. It has many branches, all of them raised upward in unison, and all of them protecting and staying close to the nuturing presence of the trunk. Hmmmm..... what would a therapist say about that? Good things about your soul, I think!

    1. Hello Katherine,
      The way your trees dance through a forest is beautiful. Inner thoughts, I think, is spot on.
      I was told years ago when you see a group of locust trees, then an old farm might have stood there because the trees were grown for the good fence posts the wood makes. Perhaps the symbol of protection and comfort is the reason I paint them. Interesting to think about.


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