05 February 2014

Upright Walking Squirrel

I'd like you to meet, Walking Squirrel, the new member of my Hedgerow Squirrel story series of backyard animal friends. I saw him looking over at me in the patio window. So I put out a crumble of walnuts hoping for pictures. After a stop at the frozen rill to take a sip of surface melt, he moves slowly towards the deck. Only the old regulars/squirrels will dare to get near a person. As he creeps closer and closer, I think...take a video. But I decided to try still pictures.

Sure enough, he stops to look right at me in the open door with camera in hand. It gets better. He stands upright, looks at the nuts, and walks towards them! Walking! And the camera isn't on video! UGH! My heart screams in silence (so as to not scare him away). Shock! Stunned with disbelief.
I didn't cry.

Guess what I'll be doing in the next few months?
You betcha, trying to get a video of the squirrel walking upright.

The photo on the left is right after or before he walks. Sequencs of event...greets me, stands up, walks, and goes back down to the walnuts.

Just look at the sunlight on his gorgeous face!

The last picture is after he walks, right paw tucked under like he's going to extend his claws to grab a bite.

What a moment. I feel blessed.

Squirrels can walk. Have you ever seen an upright walking squirrel?


  1. I think squirrels are so charming...my Dad in CO, where they ravage the trees in his yard, making SUCH a mess - not so much. These are GREAT pictures, even if you didn't get the video...next time! He's pretty smart to walk upright, your squirrel! Happy Wednesday - back among the living after the cold, and raring to read! Tanya

  2. Hello Tanya,
    Happy Wedsnesday to you. Thank you
    Are the squirrels in your Father's yard the Abert squirrel with the big pointed ears? They look quite exotic compared the gray squirrels here.


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