19 February 2014

Symbolism, the Potato Chip, & Dropped Egg on Toast

Wikipedia article on Symbolism

     Your idea of symbolism in art might not be as settle as the standard art definition until you scroll down to the section in the article, The Symbolist Manifesto...art should represent absolute truths that can only be described indirectly. In America today, to a degree,  the "can only be described indirectly," doesn't have the same meaning since the U.S.Constitution protects freedom of speech, to a degree. Being selective in the symbols chosen is a given taking into consideration good judgement and taste. 
   The potato chip is a simple generic type symbol. Your life is salty, full of tears of joy or heart ache. Your life is boring, dry, crispy as a baked potato chip. You wear chips. People wear chips. Clouds are chips. And, your house is made of chips. But ah, what is that cheese puff doing in the backyard? Hm? The mind wonders what does that little orange thing symbolize? Change? Expectations?
     Painting in the symbolism style includes more time thinking about what the truth you want to illustrate is. This morning I'm having dropped egg on toast (also known as poached egg on toast). What can I paint for a life truth using that meal as the symbol? I don't know because I don't have a second story to attach a truth to. I'd need to think of a statement to companion the meal with. How about blogging, the flow being just right to be successful?


  1. Painting with symbolism takes so much thought. I so admire those who can do it. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    It takes more thought than I expected. There are so many side roads to take is slows things down. A great day to you

    1. 12 May 2015...There are times when I read old posts and wonder what was I thinking. lol


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