03 February 2014

Reflection Monday: February 2014

True story...just now I was wondering why I'm so hungry when I had cereal not long ago. I open here to type, but want to put on a  bulky sweater first. I go into the other room, get sweater, and put the sweater on. As I walk back to this chair where I sit, I find my bowl of now mushy cereal on the table. Hunger gone.

Aha, methinks answers as sweet mystical surprises are what February will be about. There will be no sadness looking out the window at the dusty white sky and dark branches waving in the wind like the feathers on the Seattle Seahawk's mascot. There is dreary out there, cold, but inspirational and invigorating like watching the Super Bowl touch downs and Bruno Mars with bare chested Chili Peppers. Shivers.

I'm no psychic, but I can tell whoever wore this sweater last likes fudge as evident from a tiny blob on the edge. My bad. Laundry day. My good. Its no wonder the doctor tells me to increase my exercise and cut down on sugar. (I make made my own fudge.) The sweater missed the basket because I put it on the chair for another load to balance its big and bulky weight, but it missed getting put with due to being covered up with other stuff.
Trees reflecting in water and olive oil for pasta

Reflecting on the things around us and how they play on our thoughts in a silent way without talking about them into the echo of the room, can teach us things about ourselves. As long as we don't pile stuff on the things that matter, instead placing them in their proper place, we have a chance, I feel, to increase those assets rewards.

Note about the photograph on the left...taken by the window because the light and reflections on the stove were rather bland. The pasta was good though.


  1. Dear Maywyn - I love fudge but like you I should not eat it - but who can resist something so delicious. You really caught something in the photo of the trees reflecting in water - pasta sounds pretty good too. Have a great February day.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Happiest February to you and yours.
      Resist seems to be the keyword that guides aging. :)

  2. this post made me smile.. i love the way you wrote it.. as it was happening.

    1. Hello Hena,
      Love your totes so much I pinned them Pinterest. They are happiness on the go.
      Thank you for the kind words. Happening with no cereal spilled on the keyboard. :)

  3. I like the photograph you posted. This goes to show you that inspiration can really come from anywhere.

    1. Hello and welcome Lady Lilith
      Thank you
      Adding color to suspend in moving water is the next project.


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