08 February 2014

Rabbit Snow and Raincoats

Standing over such marks (photo below) in the snow, one might wonder what leaping animal has been passing by in such a hurry. Boots and person push through. We don't do the leap over the snow thing. But when jumping is the pattern of movement, there are consequences, prints left in the snow that may not at first bring to mind a cute bunny hop.

Bunny hop it is.

Shout out to coat designers — Please give women affordable prints in rain coats! There are rain boots in fantastic patterns. Why not raincoats for women. The neat prints I see searching online images are mainly for kids. Since when does age mean not being pretty and colorful?
I believe there should be as many raincoats in printed patterns as there are boots, and maybe more.
The last time I remember seeing a choice of raincoats was in the 1980s. I love those long big pocket hooded raincoats with the buttons and ties.
A note to shoppers, water resistant doesn't mean waterproof. Waterproof means the water/rain does not soak into the fabric. Water resistant means rain soaks in with maybe a second or two delay, and eventually through to your clothes. If you want the rain to be blocked from soaking in, then buy a raincoat that specifies Waterproof or Water Repellent.
Don't be afraid to shop construction type retailers that sell heavy duty rain gear. Industrial isn't just for rooms. Check this out...Home Depot sells rain gear in Workwear & Apparel. You can buy a rain poncho to roll up in your bag for under ten dollars.

Thinking Spring isn't just about flowers. Its also about staying dry in April showers.

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