10 February 2014

Happy Umbrella Day!

An umbrella is handy in snow as well as rain to keep you free my the sky's moisture.

Read about the history
Browse online for a favorite
Consider collecting umbrellas
American Apparel, Los Angeles, California
Fox Umbrellas since 1868, UK
The Umbrella Shop since 1935, Vancouver, Canada


  1. I always lose my umbrellas or get them broken by the wind. They are a useful accessory though and some of them are quite pretty these days.

  2. Hello Loree and Welcome!
    Have a great week
    I sometimes shop Ebay for vintage umbrellas to have extras when mine break. There was more bidding activity than I expected for umbrellas.

  3. Replies
    1. Happy Umbrella Day to you and yours, Hena


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