28 February 2014


What a week. Grateful for the sun, and Spring is 3 weeks away!
~ Old news...Don't open emails from --- PostMaster failed connection email phishing virus with a bikini dash con test the email host doesn't accept those kind of emails. It sends your contacts the email.
Good Rule-Don't keep a contact list on your email account. Email address for family family Only
~ Facebook will be sending emails to the primary email address...use a separate email for Facebook
~ Separate email addresses for all the online venues you use
~ Consider sinking some change into a good security suite with a shredder
~ Never ever in your life use the same password for any account
~ Never ever use a word for a password
~ Read and keep up to date about computer viruses and worms
~ Keep a small spiral notebook as a log to when and what glitches your system experiences
"Lion Resting" Rembrandt 1652, ink on paper

March 2014 begins tomorrow
For some of us it may be the lion,
and for others there's a joyful vegetarian lamb leaping in the pasture that deserves to live.

May you have a blessed week-end

Public Domain Rembrandt Image. See Wikiart.org


  1. Dear Maywyn - thanks for the safe computer tips and love that lion resting - unfortunately in the Ohio Valley - our lion is coming in with a roar - Titan is his name! Hope you have a great week-end. Hugs

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Hugs to you that you are warm and safe. I see the weather reports and the radar map and cringe. This has been a steady strong winter.
      Have a great week-end


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