26 February 2014

Blue Sky, White Clouds

A bright sunny blue sky behind an assemblage of white clouds on a February day is wonderful. One may stop for a day dream of  painting sand and palm trees instead of  bare branches and snow. 
On a morning when you slept so well you feel like you've been kidnapped by aliens, the mind can rev up to creativity as if its been discovered to be the best chocolate on Earth. The mind wanders on a string of adventurous thoughts as if Hemingway is purring in a muse's ear. Then, its time for more coffee, and back to the palette.


  1. I was "allowed" a night's sleep JUST like that last night (finally)! LOVE that beautiful sky - ADORE clouds! Happy Wednesday to you...HUGS!

  2. Happy Wednesday to you Tanya!
    Your open spaces out West are the best for seeing a lot of sky.

  3. This morning my shoulder still hurts and I feel as if I was kidnapped by aliens and tortured ! I will try to be creative, nevertheless :)

    1. Hello Jenny,
      LOL! I take it no aliens saw their way to share a bit of advanced techno shoulder healing. Sending you my prayers for your shoulder that you feel better soon...before your next trip. :)

  4. Somehow my brain always wants to go from Feb...to April..


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