15 February 2014

About Not Changing Blog Style

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Selecting a blog style is like designing your own wedding dress from scratch. Not far into the project it can feel as if you're weaving all the fabrics by hand on a homemade loom.
It makes sense for an artist to use their original artwork for the banner as the blog's focal point. If you like change, as I do, then consider only seasonal styles. People like the familiar, the logo, the brand, the easily recognizable youness. Methinks, its better for you as well as your readers, to remain with one or a few than to change and change like I have.
Blue apples negative editing with color replacement
I fiddled with the apple photograph in the negative setting. After a few days of blue apples on a dark brown background, change was screaming for another. To stop all the noise, we agree to upgrade to a more versatile photo editing program. My goal now is to develop a permanent blog style.

Have a great week-end


  1. I have decided to keep my blog simple...I still like it as is. But I do enjoy looking at the changes everyone else does with theirs.

    1. Hi Dee,
      Hope you are going to have a wonderful week
      Your blog is very easy on the eyes.
      I want mine to be as easy with maybe only a seasonl change on the outer border, and a permanent banner.


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