22 January 2014

Tracks in the Snow, Hawk in the Tree

In early January, the hawk was in the tree the entire time I was taking pictures at ground level. By the time I notice him, he flies away. He was just yards away from me!
I've seen tracks in the snow of squirrel and rabbits in the Bermuda like triangle of neighborhood gardens where the hawk hunts. Interesting, since the outdoor air temperatures have turn below zero cold, there are no animal tracks in the backyard snow for a few days now. Once warm and cozy why bother to venture out in into that freezing air thing, methinks.

As the hawk flew away, I kept taking photographs hoping to capture him in flight. Alas, there was a sad sound from my sinking heart when I found the photo on the left hawk just barely in the frame. I mean full wing spread flight! If only I had zoomed.

Ah, I say, the picture is useful for the reference photo library under birds > hawk > flight.

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