20 January 2014

For January ~ Picnics & Beaches

January is when thoughts of sunny picnics and beaches can elevate the cheer being covered by a cold snowy January. Pamper yourself by reading inspiring books set in summer beach communities and/or seek out public domain picnics and beach paintings online of that are colorful and warm to save as wallpaper.
"Idle Hours" 1894 W.M. Chase

It didn't take long to find this William Merrit Chase, 1859 -1916 painting. You can see more of his summer paintings at Wikipaintings.org.
Chase painted many scenes of Shinnecock Hills, New York, where Chase had once lived.


I had selected another of Shinnecock Hills with a dirt road in the center. I lost where it was and had to go search the same path that brings me to Chase's work. I began wondering if I remember the painting at all. There are several. But as soon as I allowed myself to look at a larger version, I can see this is the one.

"Shinnecock Hills" W.M.Chase 1895

I can place myself on that dirt path and think of the Cape Cod of my youth. And like day dreaming away on a sunny day, the path reminds me of paintings of Texas bluebonnets, and the lavender blues and pale yellows remind me of Frederic S. Remington.

I Google Texas Bluebonnets to find a painting done by the Texas artist, Julian Onderdonk, 1882 - 1922. Woe is me, I lost the web page where I copy the painting in Wikipaintings. I begin to retrace my steps in order to post the correct title, date for the painting to make sure it is in the public domain.
Texas Field of Bluebonnets and Prickly Pear Cacti, Julian Onderdonk

I then realize the name is in the URL, except not all of the title is there. Finally, on a poster website I find the full title, and get back to the Wikipaintings.org website that tells me the painting is in the public domain...a must to know before posting any artwork.

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  1. I don't know which painting I love more - thanks for the inspiration today!

    1. Glad to be of help, Tanya
      Searching for the paintings was a lot of fun

  2. i especially love the third one.. the detail is gorgeous

    1. Hello Hena,
      Paintings and photographs of Texas Bluebonnets are some of my favorites. Seeing the fields in person is amazing.

  3. I would love to be on that dirt path too....beautiful paintings....:)

    1. Hi Dee,
      Its a good location for a plein air session with lots of artists friends.


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