24 January 2014

At the Blog Desk

     Cleaning and clearing out posts and photographs each year to slim down the space isn't easy the way the Blogspot program is set up. There is Revert to Draft limit of 50 at a time. For each post you have to view, then go into Edit, and click Update in order for the changes to be saved. The Update moves the page back to the Posts list, not the post itself.  If you want to make sure the editing is saved, then you have to look in View.
     I planned to clean up this blog in a few days time while on the Private setting. Instead,  I'll edit a few posts at a time.  If you notice posts without pictures or posts missing, then that editing is where they have gone to. If and when I transfer to my own website, slimming this blog down, I feel, will make it easier.

Otherwise, what's going on around here?
I found tracks in the snow, and saw a squirrel out for the first time in three days. 

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